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About the breed

I've been hunting the blackmouth cur since 1980 and can say that I appreciate this breed, it's capabilities, and their desire to please their master.  I've hunted many of the different lines of these dogs from the older breeders and they all have their great abilities.  Let me say they were all good dogs but after all these years I have developed a line that works great for me.  The way that I did that was by selecting the lines of dogs that best suited me primarily in their treeing ability.  For the most part, I chose to use the L.H. Ladner line and Nolan line of yellow blackmouth cur.  I am not just wanting to breed for dogs that will chase a squirrel or coon up a tree.  My ultimate goal is to produce a dog that will tree with class, intensity, and style like a treedog should.  I will continue the same as I have for the past 30+ years trying to breed and produce the best blackmouth cur tree dogs that I can.   Joey Hutson



  All of our dogs are yellow or sandy in color, with 90% having a black mask and ears.                                     
 Ears: Short, Cupped
Short to medium muzzle with block head
Females 40 to 45 lbs, Males 45 to 60 lbs
All are full length 


    The Yellow Black Mouth Cur is the most intelligent breed of dog I’ve ever hunted. They hunt close to medium, but hustle like a
bird dog. They hunt by sight, sound, and scent. Usually if trained properly they take voice commands, which makes it easy to hunt small patches of woods. They are very quick dogs enabling them to catch some game on the ground. These dogs are also used to work cattle and hogs. They usually bond to one master. People frequently ask "How are they around children?". Well, if they were raised around them they will be the best protection that your child can get, and will play like a normal kid’s dog. But if your dog has not been around strangers, kids, or adults, they will not have anything to do with them.
     Another question is "How are they on a track?". Well, speaking for my strain of dogs, some of them are tight mouthed, some do open on the track. They don’t waste their time on cold tracks. However they have the ability to wind their game at a good distance and go tree it. What I personally like about them the most is they hunt with you, not you with them. I never leave any of my dogs in the woods. When I’m ready to go, I say so and out we go.
     The most asked question is "How do they compare to a hound?"  Until the last couple of years, I couldn't really give an honest answer.  In the past two years I purchased a few solid coon hounds.  They were good finished tree dogs.  After hunting them alone and with my blackmouth curs, I can finally answer that question.  The biggest difference is that YOU hunt with the hounds, but the CURS hunt with you.  What I mean is that the hound is more of a machine.  When you unsnap him, he is gone until he gets treed.  The cur hunts just as hard, but hunts closer and will check back in if he doesn't strike a coon on an average of about twenty minutes.  Both the hound and the cur are good tree dogs but have a different style of hunting.



















Ladner blackmouth cur
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